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14 Juni 2009

Criss Angel Levitation Revealed

Have you ever watched David Blaine or Criss Angel Mind Freak on TV and was amazed by their levitation and floating only a few feet from the spectators? You may have been amazed by their levitation and possibly thought that there was something very mystical and spiritual about them, perhaps even super human like. To often when talking to others, I have heard about how freaked out they were when they watched Chris Angel or David Blaine on television, even scared to a bit. I would like to show you the performance side of David Blaine and Chris Angel. To show you the methods and secrets behind what they do. Becase what Chris Angel and David Blaine are; simply outstanding performers and masters of illusions, mentalism, and card tricks. I also wouldn't show these methods if you couldnt already find them out already online. A good magician NEVER reveals their secrets.

For those of you who are learning magic, I propose this; Study Chris Angel and David Blaine, and learn their performance and style. Learn your own ways to streatch the envelope like they do, just try to do it in a way that doesnt make you out like a god. Also take note of the simplicity of the tricks that they do. There is no mechanical device and in many cases, very little props! These tricks are perfect for beginners!

The Effect

In Chris Angel's performance on TV, the mind freek stood in front of a chair in a cafe, and with eyes all on him, he levitated right into the chair! In another episode he is infront of a small ledge (about 2 feet high) on the sidewalk. The crowd is standing grouped together diretly behind him and Chris is facing away from the spectators. After performing some simple gestures(really just to take your eyes away from his feet, he increadibly levitates up and seems to land on the chair or object in front of him. Amazing effect I must say, check out the video below to see this act.

The Secret Of Criss Angel's Levitation Revealed

This method of levitation (there are many methods that we will discuss in later articles) does require a gimmick or "prop" to conduct properly. You will also need to perform a good deal of "misdirection". Another key element to this trick is the angle in which the audience can see him. They are directly behind Chris Angel with Chris's back facing them. This is important because if the spectators are spread out to wide they may see secret behind the levitation. So basiclly we have a tightly knit combination of simple gimmicks (prop), misdirection, and angles. If one of these are not performed correctly, the trick may fail.

So how is this done? It's a lot simpler than you may have thought. There is no hydraulics, no wires, or anything of that sort involved. The only gimmick is a shoe that is easily slipped on and off and pants that have cut in a way to allow your leg to come out of them. The shoe is attached to the pants so that if your leg is out of the shoe, the shoe will hang. Chris stands centered facing infront of the chair with about a few inches infront of it. Basicly there needs to be enough room to step up onto the chair without appearing that your stepping on the chair. Chris Angel then distracts the spectators by diverting their attention away from his legs so that he can move his leg forward and out of the pant leg via the slit down the front of the pant leg. This will take alot of practice since you need to be able to slip out of the shoe withou revealing that you have removed your foot. At the same time, you should be "redirecting" the attention and eyes of your spectators away from your feet. Chris does this by lifting his arms and moving them around. As you take your foot out of the shoe and pants legging, place it on top of the chair. Then when you are ready lift yourself up by using that leg and stand on the chair, or you can just drop down. Don't hang yourself in the air for long, for spectators will get ansy and start really probing. When you come down you need to "misdirect" them again so that you can put your leg back into the pant and shoe. And now you have appeared to float/levitate/rise off the ground. Don't beleive it? Check out the video below that I found on youtube that shows Chris Angel explaining it to some friends.


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